fredag 14 december 2018


Hey! I'm now officially done with my first school semester and it feels great. I couldn't be more ready to take a little break. The last couple of months have been so fun but also intense and challenging. Not only because of school but also because I've been trying to find my place in a new country and a new city with new people. Although it hasn't been easy all the time I feel so grateful for the new friendships I've made, for new perspectives and new experiences. I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

One of the things I love with California is the diverse nature. Beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains (some of them snowy even), peaceful deserts, deep woods, lush vineyards and all of it in a pretty close distance. So last week Noah and I went to Joshua Tree to experience for ourselves what people have been talking about. It was only a 2,5h drive from LA and I have a feeling we will go there often from now on. As a matter of fact, it has now become one of our favorite places! The stillness, the peacefulness, the light, the colorful sunsets, the barren landscape... it was a very inspiring and restful environment for two creative souls.  

fredag 2 november 2018


I know that it's been pretty quiet in here, sorry for that. I'm just in a very busy season at school at the moment. Time really flies by and in a month me and Noah will be off to Berlin for two weeks, and then back to Sweden for Christmas. I'm already so excited for 2019 haha, I have a feeling it will be even better than 2018. I'm also very much looking forward to the classes I'm taking next semester; Illustrator, photoshop, some drafting classes and learning how to make floor-plans, reflected ceilings plans, etc.

I've been on my own here in LA for the past two weeks. But except for missing Noah A LOT, I've been doing pretty good. Some smaller incidents with scary insects, but I conquered in the end. Feeling very much at home here now and I'm getting to know so many lovely people. The weather is helping too, and all the good coffee spots. They've both been giving me the energy I've needed for long study sessions. This coming month will probably be as intense as the last one, but Christmas break is only four weeks away now.
Looking forward to see my family again!  

This weekend my friend's mom Susan, opened her new restaurant Lao Lao, that I did the design and concept for. Noah helped with the logo and the menu and it was so fun to work on a project together.
I don't have any good photos of it yet, but here's a little sneak peek. To be continued..

And here are some incredible places I've visited the last month. There's really no end to the amazing design you can find in this city. Looking forward to be exploring them all. But first, getting some more homework done... xx

The Kings road house

The Sheats Goldstein residence 

The Getty villa

måndag 15 oktober 2018


October mood board. Pics via Pinterest.

Today we've been in LA for a month. Time really flies by and I feel like we’re still trying to figure out life here. After four weeks on a new continent there’s not much structure to everyday life yet. But we do love this city. Something new happens every week and life is a little bit crazy at the moment. However, that is part of the charm with stepping into new seasons in life and makes it all a bit more exciting. In a way I guess you try to figure out life as long as you live. And if you feel like you have it all figured out, it might be time to do something that gets you out of balance. Something that gets you out of your comfort zone. I knew moving from Sweden would be tough, but it's also liberating to be exposed to a new environment, diverse culture, different ways to think and to meet new people. In my opinion, that is the best source to inspiration and growth. Last week was to be honest more about people and new experiences and less about school... but that's okey. I'll do better this week.

So, Tuesday and Thursday I met up with friends I hadn't met in a long time. They are the people me and Noah volunteered with, at the anti trafficking organization Justice 180, four years ago.
I can't believe it's been that long already. Almost feels like it was yesterday we walked the streets of LA's red light districts and into the brothels of Thailand to reach out to the women there. After have spent some time with women "working" in the sex industry, hearing their stories and allowing me to feel their pain and getting a deeper understanding of the complex issue, I will never agree with those who claim that prostitution is normal work. According to me (and a lot of fact proving so) it is an unequal and unethical business, ruled by men for men. It's nothing less than people using their position of power to exploit vulnerable women.

This weekend the anti trafficking organization A21 is hosting several walks all around the globe to shine light on this issue. Visit their page to see where you can find a walk closest to you.

A photo Noah took in Cambodia 2014, showing the terrible conditions a lot of people live under. Conditions that, in order to be able to feed their children, force women into the sex industry.


Other than catching up with some incredible people, we also went to the dessert to watch a concert and happened to end up in a lightning storm, made new friendships, had dinner with friends, explored our neighborhood, painted, took photos (mostly Noah), read books, listened to new music, cooked(!!) and some other things.
Thanks for checking in, I hope you have the best day!!

xx, Ida

Le Labo fragrances, Silver lake.

The good liver, Downtown LA.

On our coffee table.

A painting.

On a concert somewhere in the dessert where it apparently rains.

Strolling around in our neighborhood.

lördag 29 september 2018


Passenger, in Silver Lake.

Exhausted after grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.

General store, in Venice.

Lovebirds at Manhattan beach.

Tortoise general store, in Venice.

Today, we've lived in LA for two weeks. I'm slowly adjusting to life here and also being a student again. Somehow it feels like we've been here much longer than two weeks. But then, a lot has happened since we left Sweden. Moving overseas is super fun but it also takes a lot of energy. At the end of every day we are pretty much done. Just to go grocery shopping is a little exhausting. I mean, what cereal do you pick out of thousands of options?! And why is everyone in the store asking me how I'm doing? Leave a Swede alone will you?! 

 I've only had a couple of classes yet but they all seem great and I'm excited to be able to go even deeper into the world of design and architecture. UCLA's campus is beautiful and HUGE, it's practically a village of it's own. I'm also starting to notice how fun and interesting LA is architecture wise. There's really no limits to how crazy and innovative you can be when building a house here. The more you stand out, the better. Sounds pretty much like LA, right? The classes I'm taking at the moment are: History of environmental arts, Fundamentals of interior architecture and Elements of design. Sounds very fun if you ask me.

The last couple of weeks have been both interesting and exciting. I've learned how to be aggressive in traffic (it's the only way to do it here) and drive on a highway with eight lanes (it's pretty much like driving on a smaller road but with more cars...) and some other things that I don't remember at the moment. Some days it DOES feel like all you do here is driving haha. Although moving overseas is challenging at some times I feel so privileged that I get to do it together with my best friend and have his support everyday. It really makes all the difference. Home is wherever he is.

However, one other thing that might help me feel at home here quicker is this incredible store called Tortoise that is based here in LA. They sell amazing art, ceramic and furniture from Japanese artists. At the moment we live at Noah's friends house, but when we do get an apartment of our own... I will fill it up with beautiful art pieces from Tortoise. Sorry babe, it's gonna be expensive. 

xx Ida

onsdag 8 augusti 2018


When all you long for is sculptural furniture, concrete floors, authentic art pieces on the walls, neutral/earthy tones and ceramic decor... then you know you are under the influence of the Scandinavian design scene. But what should one do when one live in Sweden and really thrives in a minimalistic setting? Well I guess it will be good for me to see something else for once, new expressions and ways of living. I doubt I'll ever change my personal style but I know that perspective is always good! Looking forward to be able to fully dive into the world of design and architecture. 

An artist I've recently discovered and whose home is also on the west coast at the moment is Eleonor Boström. Everything she does is absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. If you like dogs you are definitely going to like her work.

xx Ida

måndag 6 augusti 2018


Hello Monday! These past couple of weeks have been both fun and intense. Due to two interior projects and a lot of preparation for the upcoming fall I've not been able to find time for blogging. My goal though, is to get better at it as it would be fun to share a bit of my next season with you here. In September I'm attending UCLA extension (in Los Angeles) to study Interior architecture. I've heard so many good things about the school and I'm really excited about what the future holds for me and Noah in LA. Also, three weeks ago I got a new family member by name Lewi Afework. He is a very gorgeous and tiny little man whom I love very deeply already. To be an aunt is really the best thing.  

So, now you know what's been going on lately and what's ahead. But I will be in Stockholm for a couple of more weeks so I'll see you around. Have a great week guys!

xx Ida 

fredag 13 juli 2018


Photo: Noah Agemo

Hi there,
Guess what? I suddenly felt the need for blogging. And I figured I might as well try it out in English. After all, Im going to switch very soon anyways.

Me and Noah recently went to Guilin, China on vacation and I just wanted to share a little bit about our trip with you. The journey was very long, but we were prepared for it mentally so it all went very well. We traveled by plane, train AND car to get to our destination but it was SO worth it. Thank God for that haha. South east China really got us by surprise. We've never experienced anything like it before.

We got to the hotel very late at night so we didn't see the surroundings until the next day and were instantly blown away by the beauty. The hotel rooms were located in this massive concrete building with the most brilliant architecture. I was so inspired by the way they had constructed it and how it felt like every detail had been planned out very thoughtfully. Throughout the day there was this magical shadow play around the building and you simply couldn't stop taking pictures of it haha!

The hotel we stayed at is called Alila Yangshuo and it used to be an old sugar mill. Beijing-based studio Vector architects were given the task to transform it into a beautiful resort that would have to blend in with the surrounding nature. They most certainly succeeded. The main buildings, three old brick houses that had been beautifully restored, contained the hotel lobby, a restaurant, a bar (where you could watch VM day and night haha) and a library/gallery. There was also an underground spa on the property that looked cool, but we never tried it out.

Behind the main buildings there was this incredible pool area that had been made out of the old sugar mill's dock. The scenery from the pool was spectacular with funny looking sugar top mountains surrounding the beautiful river.

We had such a good time, relaxing at the hotel and exploring Yangshuo that turned out to be the most gorgeous place we had ever seen. Due to the humidity we were constantly soaking wet and when the sun was out it got really hot. So we lay by the pool a lot, but that was also the main reason for the trip. RESTING. And of course, getting inspired as well. At the end of our vacation I felt like I'd had a LOT of both of them and we kind of missed feeling a little more dry.